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This Web page provides access to the 3 questionnaires referred to in the report entitled:

"A randomised-controlled clinical trial methodology for evaluating the teaching utility of interactive educational diabetes simulators"
by Dr. Patrizio Tatti and Dr. Eldon D. Lehmann.
Diabetes Nutrition & Metabolism 2001; 14(1): 1-17.
If your Web browser does not permit you to view Word'97 .doc files directly from the Internet - you can always click with your right mouse button on the links below, and select the 'Save As' option to save the questionnaire files to your hard disk, for later viewing. Alternatively the questionnaires are also available as portable document format (PDF) files. To access PDF format files requires an Adobe Acrobat Reader (downloadable free via the "Get Acrobat Reader" icon, above).

Questionnaire No. 1 - Main study questionnaire - [Italian version] - [English PDF version] - [Italian PDF version] - [Published version]
Intended for completion by study participants at the beginning and end of the study - before and after the course of 6 lessons. This questionnaire is divided into 7 sections - covering baseline questions, plus questions about (i) patient self-confidence, (ii) quality of life and metabolic control, (iii) social and emotional impact of diabetes on lifestyle, (iv) attitudes towards SMBG, (v) prior knowledge about diabetes, and (vi) 'what-if' type questions and knowledge about insulin dosage calculations.
Please note: Generally questionnaires need to be tailored to the specific needs of the individual respondents. These needs may vary in different countries and situations - and therefore this questionnaire may require modification according to local experience. Such considerations should be kept in mind before applying the questionnaire in any particular local study. Nevertheless we hope that these questions may be of interest or use to a wider audience.
Questionnaire No. 2 - Short, generic one page questionnaire
- [Italian version] - [English PDF version] - [Italian PDF version] - [Published version]
Intended for completion by study participants at the end of each lesson to establish if they felt more confident with the information provided during the lessons, and to get them to rank the information provided on a Likert scale from 'not at all useful' through to 'very useful'. Participants are also asked what areas they felt were not adequately covered by the lessons - allowing them to offer feedback.
Questionnaire No. 3 - One page questionnaire about AIDA
- [Italian version] - [English PDF version] - [Italian PDF version] - [Published version]
Intended for completion by study participants who were exposed to the AIDA simulator. This contains 10 questions to establish what they thought about the simulator, and to identify ways in which they see the simulations being applied more widely in routine practice.

Should you have any difficulties accessing these 3 questionnaires - please do not hesitate to contact the authors directly by using the on-line AIDA contact form.

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